Two weeks ago 15 students and two professors arrived from The Education University of Hong Kong to begin our first exchange program. Each student prepared an Anchor Learning Experience that they introduced to the students at Koh Chreang schools in Prek Toal and the elementary and intermediate schools at Wat Chock.

For the foundation, this was our first experience much like the first experience of the students from University and was the very first experience for the students in Prek Toal. So many lessons were learned but to see the transformation and these new experiences being used was a bit overwhelming, in the best way.

To understand the passion of the student teachers it is best to understand how one gets to Prek Toal.

From the Butterfly Pea Hotel, it starts with a 1 to 1.5-hour tuk-tuk ride, followed by a 1.5-hour boat ride to just get to the school. If it is raining add another 15 to 30-minute wagon ride. Once there, it was evident that the teachers and students were excited about this new experience.

Vincent and Woody conducting a volleyball and football workshop, explaining the importance of exercise. PE isn’t taught as part of the curriculum.

Music being introduced and used in learning by Kitty, Lily, Double, and Carmela. Visual Arts by Leo, Peter, Vincy and Besty.

Daniel, Sam, and Kelly creating a learning experience connected to hygiene and Dicky and Audrey with a learning experience providing an insight into the world we live, places and maps. To see the wonder in a young person eyes being awakened and to see the quest to learn is such a wonderful experience to witness and be part of.

We sat upon this adventure with the wonder of our own and not sure what would happen but we are clearly on the right path, sharing knowledge, working together, creating new experiences and being introduced to different methods of teaching is very powerful.

To see it being used after the students from Hong Kong departed is even more powerful as you realize that an impact has been made. To see students asking questions, to see students so appreciative, to see students passion for learning … life can’t get any better.

We look forward to more partnerships with Universities to further the enhancement of a child’s education and provide opportunities for dreams to come true.