The Prek Toal Project


Prek Toal Village

Located within the Tonle Sap Lake and the largest bird sanctuary in Southeast Asia sits Prek Toal floating village.

Though only thirty kilometers from Siem Reap, it takes approximately three and a half hours of travel time via tuk tuk and boat. This two-part journey is the only way to reach the floating village.

Fishing is the main source of income for the families of Prek Toal and the average annual income is approximately $1,000 USD or less.

In total, there are 562 students, 389 in 1st through 6th grade and 173 in 7th through 10th grade. Only 101 students are girls.

Upon graduation from 9th grade, perhaps 15 of the 40 students will continue their education. To do so, they will need to travel to Siem Reap or Battambang. Many students will simply drop out.

As of May 10, 2019, ten of the fifty students who started the 9th grade school year have dropped out. The number one reason being the expense.

Prek Toal Village lacks the funds to refurbish their primary school that was built prior to the Khmer Rouge. They also lack the necessary funds to finish construction of another primary school.

the Butterfly Pea Charitable Foundation is dedicated to assisting in the education and healthcare for the residents of Prek Toal and other Khmer communities in and around Siem Reap.

We aim to empower the community and break the cycle of poverty by focusing on improving education, medical services, and hygiene knowledge.

Our projects will improve the accessibility to education, the quality of said education, provide basic medical assistance, treatment of wounds, hygiene supplies, and health and hygiene information for the people residing in Prek Toal.

While our primary focus is on the residents of Prek Toal, we will also assist other residents of Siem Reap in emergency situations (immediate need for healthcare, housing, or education assistance).


Education is one of the first steps needed to empower the community. By providing school supplies such as books, backpacks, pens, pencils, and paper we can give students what they need to succeed. By adding much-needed facilities such as a library, bathrooms, and chalkboards we can improve the quality of their education and schooling.

Health Care

Health care is the second step as a medical problem can lead to disaster for an impoverished family. Providing the community with health education lessens the need for outside medical assistance. In the meantime, treating wounds and providing basic medical assistance will help improve the communities well-being.


The final step lies in teaching and improving hygiene. Hygiene standards need to be taught to help prevent the development and spread of infections and illnesses. Supplies and facilities need to be delivered and built. Through education and deliverables, we can lessen medical problems and the need for emergency health care in the community.

Project Outline

Provide school supplies to the students in K through 6 inlcuding but not limited to: pencils, paper, notebooks, book bags, etc.

Provide supplies to the teachers including but not limited to: pens, pencils, chalk, copy paper, markers, etc.

Install fans in the classrooms

Replace chalkboards in the classrooms

Assist with the completion of the library and teacher dorms

Assist with installation of bathrooms

Assist with the installation of a shower for the teachers

Assist with finding adequate housing for families without housing

Assist with roof repairs for the water hyacinth weavers and other families of Prek Toal

Provide other materials necessary to ensure students are able to attend school, such as school uniforms and flip flops

Assist with basic medical care and supplies, such as bandages, antiseptic, creams, etc.

Assist with material to ensure proper hygiene is maintained, such as soap, shampoo, dish soap, detergent, toothpaste, and brushes

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